Sustainopreneurship @ Ning: "Sustainopreneur's Café"

In order not to be an isolated island, but still with a distinct focus, a virtual community has been established as a part of the Ning virtual ecosystem of thousands of communities. It is administrated by the founder and found at It is an open and transparent community - free of charge, obligations, spam, scam and noise. It is open for anyone with an interest for sustainopreneurship - from plain and pure open-minded curiosity, to a scholarly research interest, as an educator within related fields and/or as a practicing sustainopreneur with a current undergoing venture/startup.

Imagine a virtual café where the "Open" sign is always there :).

An ongoing virtual seminar of shared insights

All of these different biases and interests within the field are represented with dedicated groups at the community, and all of these are open. The intention is that the costs covered with running the community (mainly the working hours of administration of the site) will be supported by the association - since there are two modes where research is claimed to be done best and insight comes out with strength. One is in applied interaction (the enactive research approach described in the start page). One is in dialogue and conversation. Thus it is crucial for the shared insight to have a community and forum to flow through - The community then becomes a part of the ongoing research, a virtual seminar. A tool for collaborative wisdom generation!

- Note: Regards conversation and discussion internally within the interim members of the association, a dedicated, closed group "by invitation only" has been formed as a part of the community. It is directly related to the development of iÆREAS from an interim association to a constituted and fully working instititution. To apply for an invitation to become a member of the interim association and thus a founding member of the full fledged organization later on next year, actively contributing to its build-up, and also get extra attention and recognition e. g. at the community as a featured member - please contact the founder.