Forming iÆREAS solely relies on your contribution, all levels

.In order to cover the costs of crucial resources to be set in place to form a full-fledged association (as mentioned in the note in the core publishing page, the set up, initial investments, interim administration of association, as well as running and moderating the virtual community before it gets self-sufficient), and move from Interim Association to a fully constituted and registered institution to support further research and development - and especially proliferation through education and applied (inter)action - your one-time founding membership fee of €100 is welcomed. You become an interim, founding member of iÆREAS, get extra presence and attention here at this web, the blog, at the community and at the future full-fledged website beyond constituting and institutionalizing ÆREAS. You also gain access to the internal iÆREAS group in the virtual community.

We only welcome membership in the form of private individuals - no institutional membership is there - with persons who care about the further development of sustainopreneurship, thus this stage is an invitation-only process, in order to maintain organizational sustainability in building up the association - short-term, mid-term, long-term.

Track record and demands, consequently, on the founders are very specific - we are looking for experienced leaders within different parts of the field, with strong competencies, commitment and a mixed set of unique capabilities, spread among academics, educators and practitioners to create a genuine and authentic multi-stakeholder dialogue. Trust is a key word!

The intention with the organization is to exist beyond the interim/founding members lifetime, in order to take the quest of sustainopreneurship to its ultimate end - to be a crucial part of creating a sustainable world.

Please contact the founder if you want to become an interim member and submit the associated membership fee. When the interim association has reached 150 members, the institution is considered to be mature to be formalized, and the constitution will take place at an intended "1st Sustainopreneurship Summit 2009", third quarter next year.

Promoting and developing your activities

Every new member gets to be announced, with your permission, both at this blog, getting featured (extra presence) over at the virtual community, and the interim member page here on iÆREAS, where you can present yourself briefly, with a link to a personal homepage/online profile of choice (preferrably your online profile at the community where you can make your profile more community-related - and you will be starred as a Founding Interim Member of ÆREAS over at the community). The association, beyond its formalization and constitution, is intended to cover its own costs with some revenue streams coming from events, publishing, speaking and some carefully selected and cherry-picked sponsors at events and associated websites (e. g. the community), so interim founding membership fee is a one-time fee.

The business, education and/or research project that the member cares passionately about in his/her everydayness - or any of the activities that the interim founding member is occupied with at an affiliated institution related to the purpose of the association  - may be presented shortly in some 350 characters or less, with three links or less, in the membership directory here at the interim association site.

As an interim member, special attention and care will be given by the founder towards success of the project you are associated to/initiated, an expertise, network and resource accessed through the open and transparent community support.
Three hours of qualified consultancy is volunteered from the founder towards success of your project, regardless of character - business, education or research, besides general support and queries of lighter nature (a $225 worth). Beyond that, the member gets free access to all webinars arranged by the Founder (a $25 worth each), and further individual consulting beyond the three hours at a heavily discounted price (at $55 an hour, that is $5 below the normal lowest rate). This is done since contributing for success of sustainopreneurial ventures is in line with the intention of the overall initiative - to make the world a better place through sustainopreneurship, and at the same time gain deep understanding of the phenomenon through direct interaction with sustianopreneurial challenges. And that is regardless if they are of academic, educational or of practical, applied business nature. To get an overview of the main possible services offered and webinar themes, see the professional profile of the founder at the virtual freelancing platform ki-work.

Return On Investment - free digital publications, events, a book

As a token of appreciation and a benefit, besides to be a part of the vibrating and dynamic "inner core" of this front-line research, you will be able to get the first digital drafts of the popular publishing conducted by the founder for free, with eBooklets (among others a potential ChangeThis Manifesto) and later on a fully published book with a working name; "Sustainopreneurship - Business with a Cause. The Why, What and How of Creative Business Organizing for Sustainability", planned to be published when all core elements and carrying ideas in the popular book have been documented and published academically or popularly, tried, conversed and tested.

During the course of the years, some dedicated events for collaborative insight creation offline will be organized by the association and facilitated/moderated by the founder, where members can join either freely or at a heavily discounted cost depending on the nature of the event.

But, first and foremost - you will be able to contribute to the Quest to spread the concept to the level it reaches one million hits on Google by Dec 31, 2008, and when further applied and understood - to be one of the most proactive and efficient means anticipated to create a sustainable world.

Invitations are also channeled through the website Ki-work, where more details in specific can be collected -

Invest in this organization, invest in the world!