iÆREAS - creating a collaborative wisdom association

Interim Association for Enactive Research, Education and Application of Sustainopreneurship - looking for stakeholders!

Welcome to the Interim Homepage supporting the Quest to organize increased learning about a newly discovered phenomenon named "Sustainopreneurship". Three main stakes are believed to be important to organize the increased knowledge about "Business with a Cause", as it can be translated, using other words for the same. Thus, three main stakeholders, associated to proliferate this concept are targeted. One group of stakeholders is researchers, one other is educators, and third, but not last - practitioners - the sustainopreneurial teams themselves. Optionally, and optimally, stakeholders can be - and/or can become - all three at the same time, which is possible with the approach "enactive research and learning". Enactive research means that the researcher him/herself initiates an own project and uses that to gain scholarly insights about a phenomenon through auto-ethnography. An introduction to the enactive research approach is found here. Enactive learning, then, is another concept proposed for educational environments - "learning about it by doing it".

The knowledge generated from the association will be following the UNESCO directives and recommendations of Open Access (public domain, for free, for the betterment of the world - http://www.unesco.de/openaccess.html?&L=1 - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_access).

The targeted number of Founding Members before institutionalizing and formalizing the association is following the Dunbar Rule of 150 committed individuals, with target date third quarter of 2009 of constituting the organization, planned to take place at a Summit, "1st Sustainopreneurship Summit - 2009".

Read more about the sustainopreneurship concept here.
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