Publications - in the name of "Business with a Cause"

The founder of this association has published the latest works during spring and summer, 2007. The most proximate and important publications towards the purpose of the association is mentioned here.

• Master Thesis

The main publication so far is "Sustainopreneurship - Business with a Cause. Conceptualizing Entrepreneurship for Sustainability.", published at School of Management and Economics, Växjö University, May 2007. It is found here.

This thesis contains main references and conceptual development and introduces and tentatively defines "sustainopreneurship" in chapter three (this concept formulation was first academically introduced in a scientific research article published through VHU in 2006), followed by auto-ethnographic stories of the own venturing in chapter four, and contrasting these stories towards the proposed concept in the last chapter five, concluding that it stands the test as an explanatory force for the venturing, seeking a descriptive concept. The thesis is also found through the academic publication search engine Google Scholar.

• Conference Article - ISDRS 13th Conference 2007

Later on, as a direct sequel from the research-preparing Master Thesis, a conference article was presented at ISDRS, International Sustainable Develoment Research Society, 13th Conference, June 2007, at Mälardalen University, Västerås, Sweden.

Book Chapter

These two publications will merge and be published into a special report through Swedish Foundation for Small Business Research,, and an edited version of the conference article will be included in a book project as a chapter through the same research foundation, published in mid-September 2008 in conjunction with the "Entrepreneurship Week", a Swedish event tour, kicked off at the two day conference "Globalization, Innovation and Entrepreneurship- the 4 th International Entrepreneurship Research Award Winner Conference". The book is edited by iÆREAS founder's academic mentor and tutor, this year's winner of the FSF-NUTEK 2008 International Award for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Research, Prof Bengt Johannisson of Växjö University/Jönköping International Business School, and Prof Åsa Lindholm-Dahlstrand of Halmstad University. Working title for the book is "Bridging the functional and territorial view of entrepreneurship and regional development", where the founder's contribution is named "Sustainopreneurship - Business with a Cause. The Promise of Creative Organizing for Sustainability", and is focused on a gross list of emerging research questions to deepen the understanding for and knowledge of sustainopreneurship.See iÆREAS blog for progress.

• Conference Article - ISDRS 14th Conference 2008

In September 21-23, 2008, the 14th in the series of ISDRS conferences will be held in New Delhi, India. the founder submitted an abstract and got accepted for presentation that presents a net list of research challenges boiling down from the gross list made above, the corresponding track as last year in Västerås on the 13th, "Entrepreneurship and innovation - a key for sustainable development". The paper outlining further narrowing down of the research topic is titled "Towards a deeper understanding of Sustainopreneurship. Identifying core dimensions and aspects of Sustainability Innovations." Unfortunately, due to lack of sufficient funding, the founder will not present the full paper and go to India, but worked as a significant pointer to what attracts interest and worth pursuing further insight into. See files below, where you can download the abstract for the book chapter and the ISDRS conference.

For full virtual library of the sustainopreneurship research done so far by the founder, there is an account over at Scribd here.

Popular publishing is planned, first with eBooklets and later on a fully published book with a working name; "Sustainopreneurship - Business with a Cause. The Why, What and How of Creative Business Organizing for Sustainability", planned to be published when all core elements and carrying ideas in the popular book have been academically or popularly documented and published - tried, conversed and tested. It is aimed for practitioners to support their business projects, and to inspire and provide a resource from where you can collect all the things needed for your team to move towards your sustainopreneurial success, for the benefit for you, your family and friends, your team and your world! A companion towards a sustainable world through sustainopreneurship.
- Note: Right now, this research and authoring is done through freelance research, only informally and loosely associated to Växjö University, School of Management and Economics, Entrepreneurship Research Profile, through a connection with Bengt Johannisson and the University where the MSc was completed. Currently, the founder of iÆREAS lack funding (the Master Thesis was the final part of education, the conference article was funded through FSF in its first write-up, and the final editing conducted with the book chapter and the merge into a Special Report is not financed through there. This means that all is maintained and conducted independently by the author without external financial support).

Now that all went through and the book outlining next step in the research route is in the last phase only with layout and printing to be done, the research needs to take another step. In this chapter, there is a pointer to the creation of ÆREAS as a crucial means to organize and institutionalize sustainopreneurship research. In order to create an environment for further collective and collaborative conversation and wisdom, a research platform has been created through the virtual community, also mentioned in the final section of the book chapter as a way to move forward. In order to cover for administration, moderation and furthering the buildup of ÆREAS during its interim stages, and its associated working capital needs such as labour costs and overhead,  your interim membership in the association would be highly appreciated. This is a one time Founding Member's fee, until the association gets revenue from other streams (when e. g. reaching a critical mass for dedicated and cherry-picked appropriate sponsorship and from future intended events such as the planned Sustainopreneurial Summit 2009, third quarter, where the association should be constituted). You become an Interim and Founding Member of the Association with this deed, get listed in the Founding Member's Directory on this website, gets special recognition over at the community as Featured Member, and special announcements done through the association blog!

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